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Bits and Pieces

I’ve hit a snag with my Swallowtail Shawl.

I’ve finished all the budding lace, and moved on to the lily of the valley lace, and it calls for K1,YO,K1, YO,K1 all into the same stitch. Which is a little time consuming, but doable. But then on the next row it calls for purling those 5 stitches back into one stitch. Now I could easily purl 5 regular stitches together, but these 5 which I just made out of one are too tight for me to slip onto the right hand needle and purl. It’s very frustrating. It’s possible that if I had pointier, better quality needles, and not the cheap ones from lincraft, then I could manage. I think the next step will be to use a smaller dpn and see if I can at least purl the five stitches with that, and then transfer the new purl onto my circs. Which would do the trick. Except that there are about 20 repeats of this stitch so far, and the pattern calls for many more rows of them.

lace weight angora

This is the angora I’m using to make the shawl. It’s so beautiful, and it’s so fine that I’m using it double stranded. It’s by fibreworks, and I got it at the fibre and textiles day at the Bus Depot Markets in 2007.

In other news, my friends H & C are giving birth in a couple of months (well, C is doing that part), so I’m going to start a baby blanket and some clothes for newborns. I wanted to try out mitered squares, so I used some of the green yarn I had left over from my tidal wave socks, and some hand spun from Anne Earyes which has been sitting around for ages, and followed the tutorials for the Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang.

Mitred Squares

They turned out okay, and were fun to knit, but I don’t have enough of those greens to make a full blanket, so I think I’ll switch to some 8ply I have in reds and greys.

I also want to make a square (or squarer) version of the Princess wrap for a lighter baby blanket. I’m thinking about using this alpaca/wool blend, but possibly something smooth, like bamboo, would be better.

Hand spun alpaca/wool.



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