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One of those things

Today I knit and I knit and I knit and I knit until several hours and half a dozen episodes of Gilmore Girls later I tried on my vest…

Only to realize that the shoulder straps weren’t sitting right, and the arm holes needed to be wider, and the best thing would be to rip it back until I separated the front and back – all of today’s knitting, and then some.

But it will be worth it to have something that I actually want to wear, so it had to be done.



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Making Progress

One of the problems with having several medium sized knitting projects on the go is that I don’t get that thrill of finishing things as often. However, I am making pretty good progress on the ribbed vest.

I’ve finished the tube for the body, bound off the front of the neckline, and am starting on the yoke.

ribbed vest 04

I used short row shaping to create some extra room in the bust, which I hadn’t tried before, but which worked beautifully. I followed the instructions from Jenna Wilson‘s Little Black Top in Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook, which were very easy to follow, even though I had to adapt them a little to fit the rib pattern,
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I blame Ravelry…

For making me want a pretty blog with pretty pictures of all my knitting. Also, for getting me motivated to take photos of finished objects and works in progress.

Jo Sharp vest

Currently I’m working on this gorgeous thing, by Jo Sharp, which has the truly imaginative name “Ribbed Vest”. It’s from her Book number 8: Eclectic, which was a birthday present from my very thoughtful step-mother. It has some lovely patterns in it.

However, I’m not using a Jo Sharp yarn, much as I love her stuff, because I got 7 balls of some discontinued Crucci DK Wool in a grape tweed for next to nothing on Ebay, and they are just perfect. I love the way the colours are knitting up.


The pattern calls for making the front, the back, and the yoke separately, and then seaming together. Ugh. Instead I’m knitting it as a tube on circs, and will split for the armholes, then knit the yoke section straight on from the back, and graft the shoulder straps onto the the neck line. Anything to avoid seaming pieces together.

I started about a week ago, and am knitting mostly during my commute to work. So I’m only just into the second ball, and haven’t started the waist decreases yet. I’m also thinking I might need to work in some bust shaping, either by adding extra stitches so that there are more ribs which act as darts, or by including short rows. I quite like the idea of adding extra ribs, a bit like Ysolda’s Snow White, but I think it might mean too much deviation from the original, whereas short rows will hard be noticable (to anyone but me).

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