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Ginger Beer Cupcakes

Or, “Let’s see what I have in my pantry cupcakes”

I was still feeling peckish after dinner last night, and the good thing about muffins and cupcakes is that they are easy and quick to make. I had all the basics, but as I hadn’t planned to bake, I didn’t have any thing with which to flavour them.

But then I had a brilliant idea, possibly helped along by the (alcoholic) ginger beer we were drinking with dinner, and the fact that I’d recently read this recipe for chocolate and beer cupcakes, thus the idea for ginger beer cupcakes sprang out of my head fully formed. Just like Athena. (Okay, so I made it up as I went along. But it worked.)

ginger cupcakes

Strictly speaking, they are ginger beer and mandarin marmalade flavoured. But I accidentally put the marmalade away before I got the camera out.
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