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Hot-Water-Bottle Cover

Here’s another project made with yarn I picked up at the Celebration of Wool day back in May. Like the Tidal Wave socks, I only just finished it recently. The yarn came from Rainbow Wools, and is variegated in rainbow hues, but with earthy undertones which soften the colours. The greens and the reds come through strongly, while the blues, violets, and yellows are only just noticeable in some places It reminds me of autumn leaves.

The problem with this yarn was I liked it so much that I couldn’t decide what to make. At first I thought of a scarf or wrap with a leaf motif to make the most of the autumnal hues. But after playing around with a couple of stitch patterns I decided that something solid would be best, and it wasn’t long before I settled on the BAWK Hot Water Bottle Cozy pattern from Yarn-A-Go-Go. (The fact that it was July and I was about to move into a house without central heating may have been a factor.)

This photo has pretty accurate colours.

As you can see, The colours are not quite striped, not quite pooling, but mostly diagonal. I’m quite happy with the way it worked out, but I think something with less stitches per round would have made some lovely stripes.

Instead of a cable 6 back, I used a staghorn cable:


This is the stitch pattern from 365 Knitting Stitches A Year:
Worked over 16 stitches
Row 1 (right side) K4, cable 4 back, cable 4 front, K4
Rows 2 (and all even rows) Purl
Row 3 K2, cable 4 back, K4, Cable 4 front, K2
Row 4 Purl
Row 5 Cable 4 back, K8, cable 4 front
Row 6 Purl
Repeat these six rows.
When working in the round, knit the even rows instead of purling.

I love how this cable came out, and it was very satisfying to knit, being not too boring but not too complicated that I had to constantly check the pattern.

I’d consider making more hot water bottle cozies as gifts, because they are easy, and if you’re not working on 3 things at once, quick to knit, and the finished product is both pleasing and practical.

Pattern: BAWK Hot Water Bottle Cozy
Yarn Rainbow Wools 8ply wool
Needles 4mm dpns, 4mm circs, 4mm cable needle
Modifications: substituted Staghorn Cable in place of cable 6 back.
Time: 7 weeks from casting on to binding off. Probably could be knit in a day or two if worked at constantly and not just picked up from time to time.
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