Wool Day 2010

So it’s May again, and that means the Old Bus Depot Markets has had their annual Celebration of Wool.

This year I got a lot of bright greens and some autumnal tones.

wool day 01

wool day 02

From left to right:
Knitabulous fifty-fifty (50% wool 50% silk) in “fresh”;
Knitabulous softsock (75% wool, 25% nylon) in “Limes”;
Happy Spider spider socks (100% new wool) in “Forbidden Fruit”;
unnamed handspun (label has a spinning wheel stamp, any one out there know who made it?) 100% wool;
2 skeins of Fibreworks Merino 4ply in colourway 8;
Happy Spider spider socks (100% new wool) in “Flambe”

Very importantly, I set a budget for wool, and stuck to it. Even if I did get some money out on the day so I could eat lunch and buy some lovely things to take home from the food section, including a pomegranate vinegar which is just right.

One of the reasons I wanted so many bright greens is that I have just about completed the finishing touches on the cardigan coat I started knitting right about this time last year. All I need to do now is attach the hood, and make a belt.

(Actually, I finished the body by about September, and then expirmented with hood shapes based on sock shaping methods but culdn’t quite get it right, so I did some small projects over the summer, and finally settled on a hood style this week using ideas from both the Cassidy hoody by Chic Knits, and the Braided hood Tunic in Interweave Knits, spring 2010.)

Here’s a quick peak:
guava 03

I really ought to update about the projects I’ve actually finished, but that requires taking photos. One day it will happen.


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