Sunday Cooking

Lately it seems that I’ve been cooking more on Sundays, which makes sense in that Sundays are a day when I’m generally at home with time to cook (even though I’m also home a couple of days during the week). Here are couple of things I’ve made recently:

Lemon Roast Chicken:

chicken 031

I more or less followed this recipe. The less part being that I didn’t have any rosemary so I substituted za’atar instead, and that after an hour at 180 C my chicken was not cooked through, so I put it back for another 30 minutes.

I also made a quick gravy with the pan juices while the chicken was resting, and blanched some green beans to balance out the meal.

The following Sunday I made pie.

pie 081

This was going to be an old fashioned egg and bacon pie, as featured in the December issue of Delicious, but I decided to bulk it up a little and added a couple of chorizo, mushrooms, and fresh peas. I also decided to leave it open on top (although that may have had more to do with not making enough pastry for my dish).

The thing I liked most about this pie was the whole eggs, which had to carefully added to the filling just before it went in the oven.

pie 074

Like many eggy pies, it really needs to sit for awhile before serving so that it gels properly. Luckily, it tasted fantastic cold and the leftovers were the right size for lunch.

pie 117

Today, I’m roasting leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic. But there won’t be pictures of that until it comes out of the oven.


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