quince and duck

And yet again it’s been an absolute age since I posted. I was without a desktop computer for a few months of 2009, and while I love my eeepc, it is not the greatest when I want to work with photos.

Speaking of photos, I finally copied over 300 pictures from the camera this weekend, and here are some of them.

Quinces: over the winter there was an abundance of quinces at my local grocer and I used them often.


Sauteed with butter and cinnamon to go in a lamb and quince tagine


quince glaze 02
making quince glaze


The light in this photo is annoyingly yellow, but I’m planning to install a new operating system soon, and can’t be bothered downloading any image editing software before I do that.

Anyhow, it’s what I cooked for dinner last night: roast duck breast and kumera, steamed greens with grana padano, and sliced cucumber with anchovy fillets. It was pretty delicious.

I’ll try to do more of this updating thing this year, even if it’s just pictures without recipes.


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