Wool Day mini-splurge

As all Canberra knitters know, last Sunday was the annual wool day at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Kingston. There are a couple of other yarn and fibre related days, but this one is the first of the year.

I got there fairly late in the day, because it was Sunday and for me that means sleeping in and taking it slowly, but I still managed to get a nice selection of yarn. I also got some Knit Picks wooden dpns and circs, which make me very happy.

So, without further ado. pictures of yarn.

fibreworks reds

The first thing I did was find the Fibreworks stall. I’ve got yarn from them for 3 years running, and it is always beautiful and they don’t sell online, so this is the best time for me to get it. This year I was all about the red hues, with two skeins of merino in autumnal reddish browns, and one skein of silk in brilliant reds.

fibreworks silk

Then I wandered around until the Glenora stall caught my eye, where I found a lovely skein of blue-grey 2ply, just perfect for lace, and also picked up some Tasmanian oak 4mm dpns.

glenora 2ply

The next stall where I bought yarn was Tarndwarncoort Polwarth Wool, where I got a couple of small balls of 4ply which are destined to become lacy socks, or possibly gloves.

polwarth 4ply

And finally, after finding Knit Picks, and getting some preserves and spices and tea from the food section, I checked out Camelot Yarns, which is there most weeks, and picked up a skein of a wool/alpaca/acrylic 8ply which was marked down to $10, and told me it wanted to be a scarf or cowl.


The Wool day was very timely, as although I completely stopped knitting for about 3 months over summer, I’ve picked up my Ishbel again recently, and finally started on the lace, knitted a simple brown cardigan (which needs too be seamed and blocked) and cast on a cabled cardigan/coat in Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic 12ply.

guava 01

It looks like it’s going to be a fairly productive winter.



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3 responses to “Wool Day mini-splurge

  1. Well, I can’t think of a better day than “wool day” to splurge on some yarn. : ) I especially love the $10 hank from Camelot Yarns – beautiful color.

    • I don’t think there is one. At some point, when I have a little more to splurge with, I’d like to get a big hank or 4 of natural alpaca, because it is just stunning, and such beautiful, earthy colours.

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