Baby Knits

I’ve been knitting baby clothes lately for imminent sproglets. I’ve finished two tops, and there’s another one which is mostly done, but I still need to weave in ends and block everything.

Because it’s summer, I figured that it would best to knit the woollier items for 3-6months, rather than for newborns.

1. Seamless Baby Kimono, by Jacki Kelly, in Cleckheaton Bamboo.
baby kimono

Very cute and easy to knit.

2. Baby Soleil. baby soleil

I based this on Alexandra Virgiel’s Soleil pattern, from Knitty, spring 2005.

Because it is so much smaller, I only did one repeat of the lace chart, and because babies are fat little things, I ignored all the waist shaping.

Knit in Patons “Serenity” cotton and bamboo blend.

3. Raglan Jumper.
baby jumper

Made up as I went along, because raglan is easy that way. I may post my pattern notes once this is finished and blocked.

I frogged the green mitred squares and reused the last of the tidal wave yarn, with the sari silk/merino blend to make up the rest of the length. I love the way these two colourways work together.

baby jumper - colour change


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