Little Things

I don’t have any new recipes or finished objects, but I’m in a good mood, and it’s spring, so here is a list of things which are currently making me happy.

1. That while I have many allergies of the hay fever inducing variety, I’m totally immune to wattle.

2. That stripy knee high socks are still readily available.
knee high socks

3. That even though my wood stove doesn’t work, I can store stuff on it.

4. …like fresh garlic, ginger, and turmeric.
garlic, turmeric, ginger

5. …and a bottle a friend sent me, filled with sand from my favourite beach.
glass and sand

6. That my swallowtail shawl is coming along.
swallowtail shawl

7. That the bunch of twigs by the side door suddenly erupted with waxy, yellow flowers.
yellow bells

8. …because the world is suddenly full of buds
pink buds

9…and blooms
miniture blooms




10. That I can lead myself down the garden path anytime I want
garden gate

11. That I have my very own bower

12. …which is full of secrets

13. …and tiny, hidden worlds.

14. That “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”
green fuse

15. That there are so many shades of green.
shades of green

sky through pines



16. That friendly cat is friendly.
Friendly cat is friendly

17. That I have clean, dry laundry
clean laundry

18. That I can eat perfectly ripe bananas

19. That when I’m not feeling well, peppermint tea and gingernuts can settle my stomach.
peppermint tea and gingernuts

20. That little things can make a difference.


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One response to “Little Things

  1. teachthemasses

    Even if your stove doesn’t work…………I want it.
    How cute is that?

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