When in doubt, knit socks

tidal wave 01

These are Deby Lake’s Tidal Wave socks which were available here but don’t seem to be there any more. So here’s a link to their Ravelry page.

These were lovely to knit, the stitch pattern was very easy to follow. Unfortunately, I used a slightly too heavy yarn which I bought at the Old Bus Depot Markets during the celebration of wool day in May. So I probably won’t wear them outside much, but they do make comfortable and sturdy socks to wear around the house on cold days.

Yarn: Fibreworks 70% merino 30% silk 4ply
Needles: 2.25mm dpns
Modifications: I continued the stitch pattern on the top of the foot all the way down to the toe shaping, rather than finishing at the ankle. I reversed the stitch pattern for the second stock so that they would be symmetrical.
Ravelry Project Page

Silky Doll once said that as soon as you finish the first sock, you should cast on the second. This is very good advice, and I’ve decided to extend it, so that as soon as I finish one pair of socks, I cast on another. That way I always have some knitting that’s small enough to take with me during my commute.

This time I’m using a self-striping yarn from Lincraft, and keeping it simple so that the stripes are the main feature. I’ve just started the heel flap on the first sock. The yarn is shades of grey, and I took this photo against a charcoal background. So this is not actually a black and white photo.
grey sock 01



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5 responses to “When in doubt, knit socks

  1. OMG those socks! I would love to have the wave pattern in a sweater someday. Nice choice of colors, too. :)

  2. Thanks Jenn. I loved the colourway at first sight. I try to get some yarn from that seller whenever I’m at the market. I also have a 3ply angora in reds and pinks by her which will one day be a shawl or wrap.

    I can’t remember whether you knit as well as dye, but the stitch pattern used is the same as on these wrist warmers (which I wouldn’t mind making someday).

  3. I really should learn to knit. I was going to give it a try as a project this year, but I am unsure where to start. Are there any good websites or books you like?

    Knitting is my textile Achilles heel. I’ve never learned. I think I should remedy that.

  4. There are many good books and websites with tutorials out there. Although, I think the best way is to have someone show you, and then hit the books etc.

    I guess Stitch’n’Bitch is probably one of the better known guides. The patterns are a bit basic (and trendy), but the writing and the instructions are fun and easy to follow.

    Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules is probably my favourite, as she gives instructions which show you how to make/design hats, bags, socks and garments, rather than simply following a pattern. But I had been knitting for several years before I read that.

    I imagine that if you knitted or crocheted, you might get interested in spinning and dying your own yarns, and that could be quite fun. Also, the market for handspun/hand dyed yarns is pretty good.

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