Making Progress

One of the problems with having several medium sized knitting projects on the go is that I don’t get that thrill of finishing things as often. However, I am making pretty good progress on the ribbed vest.

I’ve finished the tube for the body, bound off the front of the neckline, and am starting on the yoke.

ribbed vest 04

I used short row shaping to create some extra room in the bust, which I hadn’t tried before, but which worked beautifully. I followed the instructions from Jenna Wilson‘s Little Black Top in Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook, which were very easy to follow, even though I had to adapt them a little to fit the rib pattern,

If you look carefully, you can see the little bumps where I wrapped stitches. It makes a shallow dart shape.

ribbed vest 05 short row shaping

I’m very happy with the hip and waist shaping. Because I was working in the round, I wanted to shape the waist without screwing up the rib pattern. I think it worked really well. I might try using the same technique for bust shaping some time.

ribbed vest 06 waist shaping

Because the vest is getting to be quite bulky now, I’m no longer taking it to work everyday. So I needed something to knit on the bus. I did a bit more on the fishnet shrug for a couple of days, but I’m feeling very blah about that just now. So I decided what I needed was something easy and satisfying and quick to finish. I probably should have cast on the cardigan I want to make for my friend’s 1 year old, but I didn’t have measurements handy. So instead I’m making a scarf for the first time in at least a year, maybe longer. However, it’s a gift, so I won’t post pictures until the recipient gets it. But I will provide a hint:

vintage hues



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4 responses to “Making Progress

  1. The colours in that purple yarn are gorgeous! And I’m entirely intrigued by your resounding success in short-rowing ribs – I didn’t know it was possible, and suddenly fitted ribbed garments are put within my reach. HMMM. Did you use a tutorial?

  2. Thanks Ms. Glitz.
    I love that purple tweed, it has so many variations in it, some strands are very bright orange, as well as the blues, and all combine to make a lovely reddish purple, which goes really well with my hair! Definitely the best $7 I ever spent on eBay.

    It’s probably just a case of not knowing that it couldn’t be done. The rib is a K2, P1, so I switched direction in the middle of the two Knit stitches, that way I could actually wrap the stitch, rather than just change which side the yarn was on. It took a couple of tries, but I figured it out eventually. I was actually inspired by some of your successes with short row shaping, so there you go.
    <3, G

  3. that’s looking really! I would love to try short row shaping some time. I never have and I can see that it’s quite effective!

  4. Thanks Bells. It’s a pretty nifty technique, especially if one requires anything more than a B-cup. Knitty has an easy to follow tutorial on short row shaping for busts.

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